There are a few motivations to utilize URL shortening. Frequently customary unshortened connections might be stylishly unpleasing. Many web engineers pass engaging ascribes in the URL to speak to information pecking orders, direction structures, exchange ways or session data. This can result in URLs that are many characters long and that contain complex character designs. Such URLs are hard to remember, type-out or disseminate. Accordingly, long URLs must be reordered for dependability. In this manner, short URLs might be increasingly helpful for sites or printed version distributions (for example a printed magazine or a book), the last regularly necessitating that extremely long strings be broken into various lines (just like the case with some e-mail software or internet gatherings) or truncated. 

On Twitter and some instant-messaging services, there is a farthest point to the quantity of characters a message can carry – be that as it may, Twitter currently abbreviates connects naturally utilizing its very own URL shortening administration, so there is no compelling reason to utilize a different URL shortening administration just to abbreviate URLs in a tweet. On other such administrations, utilizing a URL shortener can permit connecting to site pages which would some way or another disregard this imperative. Some shortening administrations, such as,, and can produce URLs that are intelligible, in spite of the fact that the subsequent strings are longer than those created by a length-advanced administration. At long last, URL shortening destinations give nitty gritty data on the snaps a connection gets, which can be less difficult than setting up a similarly ground-breaking server-side examination motor, and dissimilar to the last mentioned, does not require any entrance to the server. 

URLs encoded in two-dimensional scanner tags such as QR code are frequently abbreviated by a URL shortener so as to diminish the printed territory of the code, or permit printing at lower thickness so as to improve filtering dependability.

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